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Air Freight operations carried out by  Moore Global Delivery have succeeded in helping all customers who are in one way or another engaged in a race against time to meet tight deadlines. We offer all-encompassing Air Freight services that extend across the prominent cities around the globe. Upon receiving the order, Air Cargo shipments commence with immediate impact and are loaded on to the next available flight to their programmed destinations.  The prompt booking services are specifically designed by taking into account the best interests and convenience of our customers.

Moore Global Delivery are committed to providing complete assistance to all customers from the time of the cargo being shipped on to the flight to the completion of customs formalities at the airport and subsequent transportation of the cargo to the warehouse of the client. 

Moore Global Delivery offers impeccable Sea freight services to customers all around the world. As reputable Sea freight provider, we have established a strong foothold in the field of Sea freight. Bearing in mind the complexities involved in standard international shipping, our logistics team is fully committed to removing all hurdles in carrying out highly satisfactory shipping services. The highly experienced team of professionals is fully equipped to not only get to the fundamentals of shipping services but also to make sure that products reach their destination.

Our Sea freight handling team offers consolidated service packages that guarantees optimum consolidation of your shipment. Our Consolidation services are effectively complemented by a gamut of support services from rail/road transportations to surveyors and shipment tracking. Our customers are able to avail themselves of cost benefits by receiving services at special contract rates. The versatile Sea Freight forwarding services allow us to transport goods of all types of proportions. In addition to offering reliable Sea freight services, we also provide excellent value added services such as Door to door delivery, port handling and insurance.         


land transporter & logistics

Land Transport and Logistics forms an integral part of the extensive supply chain of Moore Global Delivery. Our technically driven team offers highly reliable domestic and international land freight services with assistance from our ever expanding network. The highly flexible land freight services are characterized by punctuality and an unparalleled concern for security. We work closely with our support team to ensure optimal safety of your shipment. We have a very down to earth team of professionals who are committed to offering comprehensive delivery services at your door step. We deliver highly satisfactory delivery services through the most economical means of transportation known in the Land freight field.

With the growing network of transporter and Logistics in the Middle East, we are renowned for our prompt land freight services. We work closely with our overseas partners to cater to a large number of clientele around the world. Our unrivalled success in the domain of logistics has been in large part due to our close tie with overseas partners who bring out the best in us by developing advanced facilities for land freight delivery.      

We completely understand the importance of packing and moving without causing unwarranted interruption in your day to day official or personal affairs. Our Packing and Moving services are characterized by the amiable conduct and flawless professionalism exhibited by our team. Our Packing and Moving team is fully committed to dispelling customers’ anxieties about the products getting damaged during the move. Having achieved unparalleled success and consistency in the field of Logistics and Transportation, we have evolved into a global expert in Packing and Moving. With the passage of time we have today developed our own unique avenues of carrying out shifting services.

We are fully equipped with advanced technologies to provide comprehensive corporate relocation at your time of convenience. Our professionals strive towards exceeding all your expectation regarding the standard Packing and Moving Services. We owe our unparalleled success to the expertise of our team in carrying out consistently flawless services in the domain of moving and relocation services. Our highly experienced team is fastidious about meeting out the most satisfactory services to all customers around the world. Extremely quick and prompt services offered by our Packing and moving team has come to receive widespread acclaim from all quarters.   



Port Handling Service is the latest addition to the industry which has radically revolutionized the shipping Industry from within. The advent of Port Handling Service has brought about comprehensive Logistics Solutions that offer all encompassing logistic services under a single  roof. Moore Global Delivery offers a gamut of Port Handling services that are catered to customers with great standards of the professionalism. Today we offer diverse range of services from Pick up and packing, to goods storage and container management. Our all encompassing reliable networks work closely to ensure that all customers receive flawless services.      

The advent of automated and computerized technologies has revolutionized the conventional arrangements in the Logistics industry. Equipped with some of the most experienced professionals in the domain of Logistics, we are committed to implementing our advanced analytical and problem solving skills to ensure carry out services.  Our staff adheres to the guidelines established by Logistics experts for delivering a gratifying experience to all customers. We deploy technologically advanced computer intelligence to automate and systemize the Port Handling Service.

Consultancy has served as the cornerstone of the services provided by Moore Global Delivery. Our Consultation services are always at the ready to dispel your doubts concerning import, export, delivery, customs and excise matters. Our expert consultants are able to give you step by step guidance throughout the official procedures. Consultation services keep you updated about the delivery status of your products. Our successful history of operation in the field of consultation services speaks volumes about the standard of services delivered by our team of consultants. The one stop supply chain solution offered by our consultants provides our customers with the entire spectrum of services regarding import, customs and excise.

Consultancy services give customers comprehensive access to the dynamics of operations carried out by Moore Global Delivery. All pervading networks make sure that your package receives undivided attention from the moment it leaves our place to the very moment it reaches the destination. Our consultants’ long years of experience in the industry naturally put them ahead of the pack. We owe our unfettered growth in Logistics in large part to the experience of our professional consultants. Having achieved widespread admiration from customers all around the globe, we strive to leave no space for complacency and welcome all types of suggestions and remarks from customers to further enhance the quality of our services.


Customs Clearance – General / Over Border Cargo

Supported by Global Road Transportation Services our freight partners posses the authority to offer you customs clearances. Our freight management services spare customers the trouble of encountering customs related issues. Our customs clearance solution are fully equipped to deal with all customs related procedures including documentation paperwork and clearance for inbound and outbound Cargo. Our support team even goes to the length of trying to locate the cargo at the request of our valued customers. Among the major services provided by our expert team are door to door delivery and shifting of residences.

Collaborating with some of the reputable freight service providers, we have specialized in the customs clearance of goods around the globe. We continue to serve as a reliable intermediary between exporters/importers and customs. Our customs clearance services are characterized by consistency and a sense of commitment to meet the real requirements of customers. Our technical representative will tackle all custom related concerns on our customers’ behalf. Our authorized customs clearance agents and Cargo Forwarders have the necessary eligibility to clear the customs paperwork on behalf of our clients.

Having established active operations in the world Market hubs as diverse as Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Spain and Uk, Moore Global Delivery is committed to spreading its networks many more globally renowned commercial centers. Our ubiquitous networks have enabled us to offer Door-to-Door to customers all around the world. We are endowed with a highly diligent team that securely delivers your product at your doorstep at the time of your convenience. The logistics experts at Moore Global Delivery will be constantly in touch with customers until they ensure a swift transfer of products from manufacturers warehouse to the designated location of consignee.

We take great responsibility to offer timely delivery of your products to all customers. Onus is on our customers to make sure that customers remain fully satisfied upon being delivered their product. Our relationship with customers which begins the very moment we receive the order for delivery, is consolidated further after the completion of delivery. We have continued to keep our delivery and transportation charges reasonable with the intention of making all our customers equally happy.


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